Carrel Books Political Assassinations and Attempts in US History

A new title for our library imprint, Carrel Books Martinez examines the most famous assassinations and attempts in US history as well as dramatic, far reaching effects of political violence Each book in Bill O'Reilly's "Killing"


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ABC CLIO Gender Roles in American Life: A Documentary History of Political,

This two volume set examines how the evolution of gender roles in United States has changed family dynamics, business practices, and our concepts of womanhood as well as affected debates about equality, political military servi


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Bimago Papier peint moderne City History Size: 100x70

Papier peint "City History" Tapisserie murale est une décoration très élégante qui introduira un style moderne et original à notre maison. La collection des papiers peints Brique aux textures extraordinaires parmi nos nouvelles collections. De la même façon toute la catégorie, le modèle en tant en grand format présente un motif fascinant. détails parfaitement visibles et couleurs expressives. Grâce imprimantes de la plus haute qualité


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Springer Progress, Apocalypse, and Completion of History Life after Death

The soul is so closely connected to life that one cannot think it could ever be separated from and, consequently, be mortal. Therefore, it only be immortal. This argument Plato's Phaedo the immortality of exhibits b


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De Gruyter The Question of the Beginning and Ending of So Called History

The extent of the so called History of David's Rise has been indecisive, and as a result, various issues around document have left extremely flexible. This comprehensive monograph sees root of problem in inadequate methodological


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Palgrave Macmillan Pain and Emotion in Modern History

Drawing on the expertise of historical, literary and philosophical scholarship, practicing physicians, medical humanities this is a true interdisciplinary collaboration, styled as a history. It explores pain at intersection of livi


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Pluto Press Landscape, Memory History

How do people perceive the land around them, how is that perception changed by history? This book explores this question from an anthropological angle, assessing connections between place, space, identity, nationalism, memory i


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Springer Computational History and Data Driven Humanities

This book constitutes the refereed post proceedings of Second IFIP WG 12.7 International Workshop on Computational History and Data Driven Humanities, held in Dublin, Ireland, in May 2016.The 7 full papers presented together with 2 inv


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Springer Kalevi Holsti: A Pioneer in International Relations Theory, Foreign

In honour of Prof. Kalevi Holsti's 80th birthday, this collection presents 15 of the renowned Political Scientist's major essays and research projects. It also offers a of writings on theories of international relations,


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De Gruyter History, Texts and Art in Early Babylonia

These essays represent a summation of Piotr Steinkeller's decades long thinking and writing about the history of third millennium BCE Babylonia ways in which it is reflected in ancient historical literary sources art, as well as of


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